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As their leader the Omanis are very peace loving, humble, polite and tolerant people as well. I have been living in Oman since 2013 and the good natured Omanis never fail to amaze me with their warmth, friendliness, hospitality, humility and more importantly their nature of going out of the way to help others.Let me narrate an […]

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Their main concept is the Imamate has the right to be Caliphs after prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and yet Ali Bin Abi Talib (Raddia Allahu anhu) the most courageous man in Quraysh and all of the Arabs didn’t ask for Caliphate during Abu Baker, Umar and Uthman Caliphates period. They justify his act as […]

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Internally, China is a very peaceful nation with a very low crime and incarceration rate. If anything, China has learned that dealing with non-Chinese they have to become more assertive to match the aggressiveness of their adversaries. The Chinese will always strive for peace and harmony, but they now know that they may have to kick some […]

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Just about all of these unfortunate PHD and MS educated ignorant people suffered severe trauma as young children. To admit the existence of superior Aliens in our skies would make these crazy scientists start to be afraid that the painful childhood experiences that they severely repressed and the monsters they were caused trauma by have […]

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This is sad, because a person that gets that drunk probably isn’t responsible for the stupidity of what they do. I would hope you learned your lesson about drinking that much.If she gives a damn about you, she’ll probably cool off and give you a huge speech about how humiliating this was for her and […]

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He was fluent in english so he always used to place order in mcdonalds. Once he asked me to place an order and i was shivering that what am i going to say to the person standing on the counter? I din’t know how to speak in english. Somehow i placed an order in hinglish. I was suffering from social anxiety also. We flunked school for almost 5-6 […]

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For me and my brother, dad was just like a best friend. I could talk anything to him without having to fear of what he might do. We grow up with that sense of freedom and we never misused it ( I don’t know why lol). It was maybe we loved him too much to see him get hurt again. It was a magical bond.Eventually , my […]

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Well, that’s only some Christians – maybe even most ‘traditional’ Christians. You walk with God on your path, not theirs. The OT asks that you “walk humbly, love mercy, and do justly”. Jesus asks that you bear the fruits of the spirit humility, gentleness, tolerance, forbearance, patience, forgiveness, meekness “abundantly” – this is God’s will, that you […]

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It is that innate survival instinct that provides a certain balance to my journey. That, and an ability to find humor in anything. I mean, take this pandemic for instance. It is horrible on too many levels to list. While I believe there are many good and decent people doing their part to help others […]

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This product printed in US America quickly delivery and easy tracking your shipment With multi styles Unisex T-shirt Premium T-Shirt Tank Top Hoodie Sweatshirt Womens T-shirt Long Sleeve near me. AliensDesignTshirt Kansas City Chiefs And Kansas City Royals Heart T-shirt Premium Customize Digital Printing design also available multi colors black white blue orange redgrey silver […]