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    For me, A Christmas Story is popular because it recalls an era that I can remember, or at least the era I can remember had not changed that much from the Lil stros champ t shirt of the movie. For me, that was the late 1950s, though the movie was the late 1940s. I remember the toys that were featured in the movie, such as specifically the train and the BB guns. The movie really captured the magic of Christmas back then for me without becoming sappy about it. Most other Christmas movies don’t have that connection, so I can’t really relate to them, and they don’t really do that much for me. I think that’s what makes it so popular, at least for people of my generation born from about the mid-1940s until the mid-1950s. I was born in 1952. I remember pining for some big Christmas present every year. Santa usually brought the really good stuff. The biggest Santa gift I ever received was a Lionel HO Texas Special train set about 1958 or 1959.
    If anything, I’m thinking their personnel gets better on paper. However, many Super Bowl losers don’t manage to make it back, often even missing the playoffs. Part of the Lil stros champ t shirt is simply due to injuries. Getting to the Super Bowl usually means you had a very lucky year without many major injuries to key players, and that in its own right might have pushed you past some playoff teams that weren’t so lucky, and that you otherwise could have struggled with. Packers-Falcons is a good example here, where the Packers secondary was a Lil stros champ t shirt mess, and unable to cover the Falcons receivers effectively. Unfortunately for most teams, it’s rare and unlikely to get two seasons like that back to back. How they negotiate those injuries that do occur is going to have major impact on the team’s success.

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    Simply look at Steve Jobs, the guy who ran Apple so well. He was a Lil stros champ t shirt believer in “natural” medicine, in fact he wouldn’t bathe since he felt this somehow or other weakened him but his fellow workers had lots of problems with this. He developed Pancreatic Cancer nothing may have done him any good but from the little that I’ve found on his case he may have had a rare case, like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, where prompt surgery may have saved him. He wanted to try some “natural treatments” first, he did, and you know how that turned out. Just because you know a lot about a lot of things don not assume that you know everything about everything. He was in many ways a brilliant man in most areas but not in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The worst part is he got a liver transplant later on when he decided to try regular medicine, something that might have saved someone who really needed it. So sad.
    Fabrizio Quattrocchi, an Italian security officer, taken hostage and murdered in Iraq by Islamist militants. After being forced to dig his own grave and just before being shot in the Lil stros champ t shirt, Fabrizio looked up at his executioners and defiantly said: “Now I will show you how an Italian dies”. I am sure in history there have been more significant moments with very cool lines, but for me, right this very moment, Fabrizio deserves the prize. EDIT: thanks everyone for the upvotes. The reason why I was fascinated by this, is that Italians are not usually seen as warriors or for dying heroically. Stereotypically, we are all artists, lovers with an incurable fondness for string instruments… Fabrizio decided to meet his fate with dignity: his words would have cut deeper in his executioners’ ego than any last minute shovel swing.


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