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    Ts I Survived The Eras Tour Presale Shirt

    I picked up Robin and it was a very cold night, snow was on the ground, the Ts I Survived The Eras Tour Presale Shirt were empty of cars and people… as we set-out to find the Christmas tree. We spotted a lot, I did an illegal u-turn in my VW bug and drove up to the empty Christmas tree parking lot. The owner of the Christmas tree lot had abandoned the place and the fence gates were wide open. So we parked the car, and spent the next 30 minutes sorting through trees. Robin, was in the moment and we must have looked over at least thirty trees left behind for our pickings. I was coaching her in consideration how big of a Christmas tree we could actually fit into a VW Bug. We finally settled on a smaller Christmas tree that was propped up on a wooden stand and looked a little weak in the branch department, but not quite Charlie Brown style. I picked up the tree and moved it over to the VW bug, we had to drop the back seats, and aligned the tree between the two front seats…hey it smelled great in the car.
    Philadelphia was the sight of Vick’s redemption and return to super stardom. Despite only starting 12 games, he set career highs for passing yards, completion %, QB rating, passing TD’s and rushing TDs. His “coming out” party was the stuff of legend. In a week 10 Monday Night Football match up against division rival Washington, Vick accounted for 413 yards of total offense and 6 TDs in leading Philadelphia to a 59–28 rout of the Redskins. He became the first player in NFL history to pass for 300 yards and rush for 100 yards in the first half of a Ts I Survived The Eras Tour Presale Shirt.

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    Glioblastoma (GBM). GBM is the most Ts I Survived The Eras Tour Presale Shirt and most aggressive brain cancer. It’s highly invasive, which makes complete surgical removal impossible. And because of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), it doesn’t respond to any chemotherapy. The standard-of-care entails multiple rounds of surgery and radiotherapy, yet the five year survival is lower than 5%. Pancreatic cancer (PDAC). PDAC is a notoriously stubborn cancer. The only effective treatment is a very painful and very complex operation called “the Whipple procedure”. However, only 20% of patients are eligible for such operation. And even for those lucky patients, only 20% survived more than five years. For the rest majority of patients, the chance of survival is negligible, because PDAC hardly responds to any form of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The five year survival overall is 6%.
    So not only did they actually have their homes both have Hanukkah and Christmas decorations, but these very different families they happily and joyously hosted celebrations for Ts I Survived The Eras Tour Presale Shirt. What’s key here though is that what is meant by “Christmas.” Many people associate this holiday as a traditional Christian-themed, religious holiday with various Christian themes, decor, etc.. But many other people associate the holiday with snowmen, winter weather, reindeer, hot chocolate, egg nog (often with rum), various evergreen trees (artificial or real) festooned with glittering ornaments, pretty gift boxes under the tree, etc., or a secular (with Pagan roots in Saturnalia) winter holiday just a few days after the annual winter solstice. In fact, it seems to be a holiday that many non-Christians and even non-theists celebrate.


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