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    Unsolved Mysteries for every mystery shirt

    As Rugby Union starts to gather a bit of Unsolved Mysteries for every mystery shirt in the US, some professional players from the rest of the world are beginning to come into it. One of the highest profile signings so far is probably Ben Foden, who has 34 appearances for England to his name. Ben has signed for Rugby United New York for the 2019 season. If club rugby gains a foothold in the USA, it may start to see American Football players, particularly those who play for their college but aren’t drafted to the NFL switching sports, as there is no real opportunity to play to a high standard and be paid after college outside the NFL that I’m aware of.
    People strung cranberries and popcorn, starched little crocheted stars to hang, made paper chains and Unsolved Mysteries for every mystery shirt had glass ornaments, usually from Germany, about two inches wide, they would get old and lose their shine. There was real metal tinsel too, that you could throw on with the argument about single strands and clumps. Each side had it’s followers. In the fifties various lights were a big deal, with bubble lights, that had bubbles in the candle portion that moved when plugged in. There were big primary colored lights strung around the tree too, nothing small or ‘tasteful’ Christmas trees were meant to be an explosion of color and light. I took Styrofoam balls and a type of ribbon that would stick to itself when wet, and wrapped the balls, and then used pins to attach sequins and pearls for a pretty design in the sixties. I also cut ‘pop-it’ beads meant for a necklace into dangling ornaments with a hook at the top to put it on the tree. Wrapped cut-up toilet paper tubes in bright wools too. Kids still remember making those.

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    It’s a Unsolved Mysteries for every mystery shirt kid’s movie that adults can enjoy. The only bad language is done in a cutesy way, with unintelligible sounds, kind of like the adults always talked in Peanuts cartoons. Ralph gets his mouth washed out with soap for it. The only violence is a scene where Ralph, while being picked on by a bully, snaps and fights back. It isn’t overly violent, and it isn’t glorified fighting, it’s just a couple of kids fighting in the snow like kids do. Ralph is crying throughout, so it is not some kind of ‘Aha, the victim has turned the tables with violence!’ I think the only other scene of violence is where Ralph fantasizes that he defends the house from burglars in the backyard with a BB gun. The scene is in black and white and sped up like a funny silent movie, and the burglars wear comical, old timey burglar outfits – striped shirt and black masks, like the Hamburglar. I think Ralphie shoots them in the butt as they try to climb back over the fence to get away.
    My wife and I are also planning to drive the Dalton Highway, the northernmost highway on earth, which runs from Unsolved Mysteries for every mystery shirt, Alaska to the Arctic Ocean. Again, we plan to do a photo series of the journey. Might even put up an Instagram of the trip. The podcast I started with my wife and my co-author is doing well. We have episodes recorded through February, and we’ve started interviewing a bunch of people. We have some really interesting stuff planned; stay tuned!Now that I have control of the patent for the sensor-equipped strapon I invented, I am already working on a new prototype way more sophisticated than the ones I’ve already built. I have a new Web project in the works, which I’m not quite ready to talk about yet but I’m really excited about.


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